The Editor 

Michael McGrath is an Irish fiction writer who has been published both nationally and internationally in journals such as Roadside Fiction, Writing Raw, The Ogham Stone and Literature Today. He achieved success in two categories at the University of Limerick Arts Awards 2014: 1st place in the Short Story category for his work 'Entropy' and 3rd in the Poetry section for 'The Trouble With Atoms.' His first novel 'The Clock Tower' was released in June 2017. He works as a second level English teacher and lives in Limerick City, Ireland.


A Journal of Literature, Art and Culture

Silver Streams is a literary journal which publishes all genres of literature, art and academia though it is mostly dedicated to Modernist and Post-Modernist forms.

Inspired by the existential crisis created by advancements in technology and warfare as well as human nature's struggle to understand its own subjectivity, Modernism and Post-Modernism represent a crossroads in the evolution of society and our place within it.

Though the genres differ in many ways, both forms mark a breakaway from realism and traditional structures in favour of subjective reality and experimental forms which examine the nature of being.

Silver Streams seeks to chronicle both the past and the possible future of these genres by publishing original prose and poetry along with critical essays and artwork.